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Rattan Picnic Basket Natural Portable Handmade for Outdoors

Rattan Picnic Basket for your family picnic

This exquisitely handcrafted rattan picnic basket is designed for picnic lovers élite. It is uniquely designed as well as stylish which makes it very suitable for any gift-giving.

rattan picnic basket

People who love the outdoors or enjoy sunny warm weather would be the ideal recipient of a unique and special gift like this rattan picnic basket. A sure fun way of enjoying the warm sunny days is to go out for a picnic. With this picnic basket it is easier to pack the picnic bag and go. The size of this picnic basket is just right for a few cans of drinks, fresh foods like sandwiches and salads.

This picnic basket ships free to the USA via Regular Post Service from HK warehouse but may take a bit longer to arrive.

Whether you just want to join with your love one on a romantic picnic at the park or spend time with the family at the nearby beach or nearby park, this rattan picnic basket filled with your favorite drinks and snacks will complete your picnic getaways in no time. Enjoy the food together with your family and love ones outside under the warm sun.