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Outdoor Classics White Monroe Cascade Solar On Demand Fountain

This cascade solar on demand fountain is made of strong, long lasting resin product to endure any kind of weather. It requires direct sunshine to run throughout the day and capable of storing energy in battery pack. Fully saved energy in battery pack will run pump for as much as 4 hours. This is really excellent as some solar fountain does not store energy but this one does. The cascade solar in demand fountain requires 1-2 days of sun to completely charge the battery. 1 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee. It includes 50 GPH Solar pump and Panel with 9′-8″‘ cable, 1/4″ ID Hose connection. The ornamental rocks NOT included.

Specs Dimensions: 13.6″W x 13.6″L x 20″H, 11 lbs.

The OFF position allows for the battery pack in the solar panel to be recharged via solar energy and permits the pump to run as long as the solar panel receives direct sunlight.

KEEP IN MIND: If fountain runs while charging it might never reach full charge. The solar pump includes a 9′-8″ cord, so the solar panel can be actually be placed about 10’ away far from the fountain, therefore allowing you to have optimal sunshine on the solar panel and this solar fountain ships free.

When the sun goes down you can switch the cascade solar on demand fountain to ON position to continue running without the sunlight.