Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout Mattress (Regular, Sandal)

The Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout Mattress Sandal Color

The ideal choice for first time campers and those looking to upgrade fron the closed cell foam, the new Trail Scout mattress is 25% thicker to provide additional warmth and comfort. And in keeping with our Trek& Travel Series updates, it has also been redesigned with a weight saving, streamlined shape to offset any gains in weight and bulk. Stuff sack included. R-value: 3.7/Weight: 680g/1lbs 8oz

Product Features

  • Ideal for first time campers
  • 25% thicker to provide additional warmth
  • Streamlined shape to reduce weight and bulk
  • Stuff sack included
  • Dimentions: 51x183cm/20x72in/Thickness: 3cm/1.25in

This Trail Scout mattress is much thicker and provides more warmth and comfort even in colder days.

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2 Responsesso far.

  1. Anthony Rommens "Force 8 Sails TM" says:

    Awesome Product!!! I always wanted to try one of these Therm-A-Rest inflatable mattresses ever since I first saw them two decades ago. However, I could never really bring myself to afford one until I found this Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout Mattress in a big camping goods store. Its half the price of any others in the Therm-a-Rest line up. I got to try it out and compare to the others in the same Therm-a-Rest line and also with other brands of self inflating mattresses. The Therm-a-Rest Scout Mattress is extremely comfortable, light and is almost as compact as the smaller Therm-A-Rests mats that cost twice as much. Most important, for a self inflating mattress, it has a pretty good R value (warmth rating) and loft that seemed better than the more expensive ones. This mattress is new for 2011 and it has a rubber surface like the original Therm-a-Rest and its not covered in the protective rip stop nylon of its cousins (this is where the company might have saved some money so its probably advisable to…

  2. Tamra says:

    Excellent Product Though I grew up camping, I’ll be the prissy girl and admit that I really dislike sleeping on the ground. I borrowed a Thermarest for a backpacking trip several years ago and was blown away by just how comfortable I was sleeping on it. Fast forward to recent days: our kids are both old enough to hike a little, so we planned a camping trip in the Olympic Mountains. Remembering how comfortable my backpacking trip had been, I purchased two of these Thermarests and crossed my fingers. Again, I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable I was. I have some trouble with my hips and frequently wake up with pain in them, but I did not wake up with this problem, though I did find the Thermarest most comfortable when I was lying on my back. My husband was on his side the whole night and said he was very comfortable.Pros: Light, easy to pack, very comfortable. Works on mildly bumpy/rocky terrain. Nice smooth, supportive exterior supports curves without the lumpy air-mattress…