Mambe Extreme Outdoor Blanket (Large, French Navy)

The Mambe Extreme Outdoor Blanket is designed for colder conditions where maintaining body heat is essential.

The Mambe Extreme Outdoor Blanket includes an innovative reflective lining that helps block the loss of radiant body heat. Consider it the integration of the original “space” emergency blanket technology and the comfort and durability of a Mambe blanket. You’ll be amazed at the performance of this innovative solution – only from Mambe Blanket Co. Warm fleece on one side and soft waterproof nylon on the other side. Available in two sizes: Small: 48″ x 58″ (approx. 4’x5′), Large: 58″ x 84″ (approx. 5’x7′). Stuff sack included for convenient storage and transport. Machine washable (cold water, low heat). Proudly made in the USA.

Product Features

  • 100% waterproof / windproof. The best cold weather stadium blanket available.
  • Genuine Polartec® Classic 300 fleece – thick, warm, and soft. The highest quality fleece made.
  • Radiant Heat Reflective Lining for retaining body heat. Stay warm in even the coldest conditions.
  • Available in two sizes: Small: 48″ x 58″ (approx. 4’x5′), Large: 58″ x 84″ (approx. 5’x7′). Stuff sack included for convenient storage and transport.
  • Made in USA

This Mambe Extreme Outdoor Blanket is proudly made in the USA and guaranteed for life.

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  1. yellowyeti74 says:

    Warmest, most durable blanket I have used I have owned a Mambe extreme blanket for just over a year and it has proven one of the best outdoor gear investments I have made in a long time. My family does a lot of activities outdoors here in Oregon like hiking, cross-country skiing, and visiting the coast. Often, wind and rain are part of these outings and this blanket has warmed us after playing in the surf, shielded us from cold mountain rain storms, and served as a warm, dry picnic blanket we can throw down on the snow in the back country.This blanket is noticeably warmer than other outdoor blankets I have used in the past, presumably because of the insulating layer they place between the fleece and the waterproof nylon. I can see why the Mambe company would also market this as an emergency blanket; if you were wet and cold, it would sure prevent you from losing body heat and in turn help stabilize and raise your temperature. Overall, I think the blanket is a fantastic piece of technical equipment.One…

  2. W Johnson says:

    Best blanket EVER! This is the best waterproof blanket ever EVER. We have used this blanket in every type of weather and I cannot say enough about it! We have 3 boys so we are always attending some type of sporting event. Last month when it was sunny, we folded it over and it served as a cushy bench seat and my boys like to hide under it to block the sun and play their electronics 🙂 Last week, it was chilly and windy and we used it as a blanket and it cut the wind. I was so nice and toasty that my friends wanted to come under my blanket also – it was big enough for 3 adults to share! Tonight, we had a football game in crazy pouring down rain – it was so windy that umbrellas were useless. I wrapped myself in my waterproof blanket and watched the whole game. I was warm, I stayed dry – it was perfect. If you are hesitating about the price – just do it. It was worth every penny – The fleece quality is outstanding and high quality – nothing I have compares to it. I also bought an extreme weather poncho…

  3. aro says:

    Excellent for games,picnics,outdoor concerts! 0