Kenu Airframe – Portable Smartphone Car Mount

Welcome to an improved driving experience with Airframe, the world’s most portable vehicle mount for smartphones. Simply connect Airframe on to any air vent and place your smartphone. It’s that basic. Airframe weighs less than an ounce and makes the ideal buddy for daily use, trips and company journeys.

Product Characteristics

  • Airframe is pocket size and weighs under an ounce and little adequate to fit in your pocket.
  • It keeps your smartphone easily seen at eye level and prepared for GPS directions, streaming music, and hands-free calls.
  • The patent-pending design makes use of a rotating clip that safely mounts Airframe onto any vent (horizontal, vertical, and angled).
  •  Airframe’s expandable jaw safely holds most smartphones (approximately 4.8″ screens) including iPhones, Android phones, BlackBerry phones, and Windows phones. Also works with the majority of cases
  • Can be a travel stand. Just insert any card from your wallet into the rotating clip, and Airframe transforms into the supreme hands-free stand.
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2 Responsesso far.

  1. Atsuko says:

    Simple product that works 0

  2. J. Chung "mandasol" says:

    So so if you have an iphone, awful if you have anything bigger At first I thought this was an awesome minimalist design. I even showed it off to friends and recommended it. However after using it for some time I have changed my opinion and decided it’s terrible in practical use.Clip. The way it attaches to your vehicle is with slide on clips – they are metal clips with rubber boots on them – and you slide it onto your ac vents. The rubber pieces detached from mine after removing it from the vents only after a few times. I reattached them with epoxy. However even still it doesn’t hold still. It’s constantly wiggling loose. You can bend the clips a little bit to get them tighter, but that doesn’t help, it still wiggles loose.Clamp. It clamps onto your phone by a spring loaded side clamps. The force of the spring is very strong. It makes sense because it has to really hold onto your phone, but it’s really strong. If you have an iphone your phone is much narrower so it’s a little easier, if you have an android…