Canon Powershot SX20IS 12.1 MP Digital Camera – Reliable Prosumer Unit

The Canon Powershot SX20IS is a high-end point and shoot camera.

Canon Powershot SX20IS digital camera might be considered just one step below the pro SLRs. It is capable of taking remarkably high quality photos  utilizing its high-end functions that are normally not seen in competitive designs of the same price level. This isn’t an ultra compact camera that is simple to carry however the user needs to compromise mainly on image quality if mobility is the first essential problem. So this camera is bulkier than the slim point and shoots that are very easy to carry however it has SLR-like functions that make it seem like a pro camera.

Canon Powershot SX20IS Features:

  • It has a high-powered 20x Wide-angle optical zoom with an Optical Image Stabilizer
  • It can capture 720p high-definition movies and a HDMI connector for an easy playback on HDTV
  • DIGIC 4 Image Processor and 12.1 megapixel camera is great for any user.
  • The improved Smart Auto feature intelligently select from 22 pre-defined shooting situations

The good part of the camera is the articulating LCD. It is capable of turning around to safeguard the display when not in use, providing an instance of the skill used in the design of the unit. The simplicity of use of the camera is what appeals to a ton of users as it is really easy to set the unit up right out of the box and all the attributes are user specific and let the person to experiment with the configurations to get the right photos. There is a video recorder too in the camera like many of the alternate designs and serves its purpose well when it is important to take a video clip and a camcorder is not present. The camera has an optical image stabilization zoom of 20X which is more than adequate for the typical user and is good enough to take photos of things that are extremely far away.

The configurations are there for the user to play with as great photos can be taken when the user become familiarized with how it works. The 12.1 megapixel delivers just enough resolution to take photos with adequate clarity. The user can easily have control over the pictures this way and it is a really versatile unit as it’s capable of taking high quality shots from anywhere between very close macro shots to far off 20X zoom shots. This is not a pro camera however it is exceptionally good for beginners who would certainly like to become part of the industry of taking professional photos.

Given that the unit is not a compact point and shoot camera, it makes it tough to carry the unit around quickly and a bag could be a required accessory. The lens cap of the camera is loose and is good to acquire a lens cap keeper for security. The user’s manual is not readily available in paper as all the info of using the camera effectively is in the Compact Disc that comes with the camera unit. The 2.5-inch size of the LCD display is also not satisfying for many users. Indoor shots tend to get a bit loud when utilizing this camera and the unit does not support RAW format. Some users experienced grainy pictures in lowlights setting.

The Canon Powershot XS20IS is fantastic for many kinds of scenarios when the user set the right configurations, therefore it is important to understand all the camera settings and functions. If taken care of, it is a dependable device.

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