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Best Valentines Gift for Women

Some of the best Valentines gift for women are Pendants and jewelries, flowers and chocolates, Perfumes, iPads, android tablets, and vacation travel.

My List of the Best Valentines Gift for Women


  • Gift #1 – Flowers Cards and Chocolates


Traditionally the best Valentines gift for women and many women still prefer the simple gift of flowers. But flowers have become too expensive but I think it is not totally the flower that is expensive but also the shipping cost. If you are tired of giving big bouquet of flowers why not give a single red rose or maybe 3 roses and the rest are chocolates, but don’t forget the Valentines card.


  • Gift #2 – Vacation

Why not surprise your love one with the gift of Travel, a vacation package to a beautiful exotic place that she has never been before?  At bedandbreakfast.com you’ll find lots of listings of places to go around the USA. I am sure any woman would be very excited with this gift idea. So that’s my top list of the best Valentines gift for women.


  • Gift #3 – Pendants and Jewelries


Pendant is one of the best Valentines gift for women. It is because pendants can be wear interchangeably just like clothing, so pendants can make it look like you have lots of different necklaces even if you have only one chain necklace. Additionally a pendant and necklace is almost always visible in front of your neck for everyone to see unless you’re wearing closed neck clothing. Other jewelries such as necklace, rings, bracelets and earrings are also great Valentines gifts.


  • Gift #4 – Perfumes


Another best Valentines gift for women is perfume. It is part of women’s life and makes them feel special, fresh and confident. Some people don’t like spray and strong perfume so Fragrance lotion and cream would be suitable for them.




  • Gift #5 – iPad & Android tablets


iPads and Android tablets are best Valentines gift for women who are specially busy and active. Nowadays and in the near future these kinds of electronics are becoming necessity for most of us. Other electronics such as iPhones and ereaders are also great valentine’s gift, things that make life easier in this modern world.


Check below for more gift ideas.


Love the list, any tipe of jewellery of item with diamonds in usually well received by women I find.

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